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Which One is the Right Dress Shoe For Me?

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Which One is the Right Dress Shoe For Me?

WhichChoosing dress shoes can be a disaster when you come to a party. To avoid in that situation, you need to know which dress shoes that imply to the occasion. The first thing you should remember is about color. Men's dress shoes are most commonly black or cordovan in color. Other colors include are brown, burgundy, oxblood, chestnut or white.
While women's dress shoes come in a variety of colors, such as: black, silver, gold, tan or white and they may also match the color of the gown, dress or suit being worn. Almost all women's dress shoes are high-heeled.

Let's find out which dress shoes that suit you...

  • Loafers
    Loafers are dress shoes that can be worn by men and women. In fact, men's and women's loafers are quite similar, which is why the loafer is typically thought of a more masculine shoe.

  • Oxfords
    Oxfords are one of dress shoes for men. They are typically made of leather, but can also be constructed of suede and other similar materials. Some oxfords have an additional piece of leather sewn over the toe section

  • Pumps
    Today, pumps have evolved beyond the classic working women's shoes. Pumps now come in a variety of materials, such as suede and wool.

  • Slingback
    The slingback is similar to the pump. This dress shoes usually in that it can have a rounded or pointed toe and usually has a heel, but it doesn't wrap all the way around the heel like pumps usually do. Instead, it has a narrow strap that is pulled up over the heel, leaving the rest of the heel exposed.

  • Mules
    Mules are shoes that slide onto the foot and do not cover the heel or the back of the foot at all. These aren't considered dress shoes unless they have a heel.

  • Ballet Flats
    Ballet Flats are flat shoes with a rounded toe, and come in many different colors and patterns. The classic ballet flat has a small bow on the toe, but this style has evolved to include varieties without bows.

  • Sandals
    Some sandals that can be worn with dress clothes. Any sandal that has a heel, many straps, or a shiny finish would probably be acceptable in a more formal atmosphere.
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