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Tips for Finding the Perfect Shoes

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Tips for Finding the Perfect Shoes

TipsAre you always envious of other women's shoes? Do you wonder why when you go shoe shopping you can never find the perfect pair of shoes, like you saw on another woman? It does not take special powers to be able to find the perfect shoes. It doesn't even take a lot of money to find the perfect shoes. What it takes is a little bit of planning ahead and research and these tips to help any woman find the perfect shoes.

Look at all your clothing before you go shopping to access what color shoes will fit into your wardrobe the best. Now, look at the shoes that you currently own. If they consist of all plain colors such as black and brown, you may want to add some color to your shoes. A red pair of pumps is a great way to add color to your outfits with your shoes. But you have to make sure that a red pair of pumps will fit your wardrobe and your sense of style. There is no sense in buying a pair of shoes if you will never wear them with any of the clothing you own. Right now brightly colored shoes are very trendy, so go ahead and buy the red, purple, or pink pair of shoes.

Shoe Accents
A simple buckle or embellishment on a shoe can add a lot to an outfit. If you usually go for plain looking shoes, try to spice it up a little bit and try a shoe that has a buckle or a rhinestone on it. Go for shoes that aren't too out there and gaudy and something that can be worn for several different occasions.

There are a ton of different style heels available on women's shoes. From the stiletto heel, to the chunky wedge, to the kitten heel and so on and so on. There are even the flat shoes, which have no heel at all. Decide which type of heel is most comfortable to you. If you do not feel comfortable in a shoe, you are not going to wear it. Try something outside of your normal day wear and it may surprise you that it looks and feels good on you.

When going shopping for the perfect shoes, remember that shoes do not have to cost you a fortune to look good. Stores like Target, Marshalls, Payless, and Kohl's have cheaper priced shoes that are still trendy and super cute. You can find a pair of shoes at Target for under $25 that look just like the ones that you saw in the latest women's magazine.

The number one rule for finding the perfect shoes is to try on, try on, and try on. It may surprise you how differently a pair of shoes can look on your feet to what they look like sitting on the shelf. This can work both ways. They can look a lot better on your feet than they did on the shelf or they can look a lot worse on your feet than they did on the shelf. Try on shoes that you like and even some that you may not like, just to get an idea of what looks good on you. Sometimes you can find the perfect pair of shoes and you started off not even liking them that much.

Lastly, if you are looking for a specific kind of shoe, say for example to match a cocktail dress for a fancy occasion, make sure to take into consideration what you will be wearing with the shoes. If you are wearing long jeans and you try on a pair of stiletto heels that you are going to wear with a dress, then don't be afraid to lift your pant leg up in the store and look at how the shoe makes your leg look. You are not going to be able to tell how your leg and foot will look in a dress if your jeans are covering your legs.

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