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The best ways and places to store cosmetics

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The best ways and places to store cosmetics

The best ways and places to store cosmeticsMessy makeup? Taking care of your cosmetics and storing them properly will extend the products' shelf life and eliminate clutter.

Many of us rely on cosmetics to give our skin a healthy, flawless look. Unfortunately, we don't always take care of our makeup, leaving it lying around the bathroom or rattling about in our purses. Proper storage of cosmetics increases their shelf life and is essential for keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. And with the variety of cosmetic cases and other storage options available, there's no excuse not to go out and get organized!

MAKEUP STORAGE AND CLEANLINESS. The most important thing to remember in storing makeup is to keep it out of direct sunlight. Light and heat can degrade the products' preservatives, not to mention bleach out the colors over time. Keep your makeup in a cool, dry room. (This goes for fragrances, too.) It may seem most convenient to store cosmetics in the bathroom, but the constant changes in heat and humidity every time someone takes a shower may affect the products. Moreover, it isn't sanitary: studies show that every time a toilet is flushed, bacteria is released into the air, settling on every surface in the room. You definitely don't want to leave your makeup and brushes lying out there!

AT-HOME STORAGE. A hard-sided train case (Samsonite is a good brand) or multi-shelf cosmetic box (like the kind made by Caboodles and sold in department stores) is ideal for storing cosmetics at home. In fact, any box with separate compartments may be used to keep products from rattling around, breaking, or smudging each other. Molded plastic cases are practical because they are easily cleaned. If you choose to keep your cosmetics in a drawer, use a compartmentalized cosmetic tray (an odds-and-ends desk drawer tray from an office supply store will also work and may cost a bit less). Keep cosmetic brushes and applicators in their own compartments and clean them with soap and water on a regular basis.

TRAVEL CASES. Frequent travelers will definitely want to invest in a sturdy train case for makeup and other personal care items. Professional-quality aluminum cases are good for this; they're relatively expensive, but a good investment. Look for one with a shoulder strap for added convenience. If traditional leather luggage is more to your liking, find a well-made piece that is fully lined with a spill-resistant material and contains easily accessed pockets and compartments. If affordability is an issue, go ahead and take an inexpensive plastic case. Just be sure that it is durable and can take a lot of knocking around in overhead bins and car trunks. When traveling, avoid leaving your makeup kit in a hot place like a locked car; everything will melt! If you fear that exposure to heat is going to be unavoidable, invest in a small freezer pack or two and keep them in your case when you're on the go.

FOR YOUR PURSE. Let's face it: the purse is the most common place to keep makeup, and is often the messiest. Who hasn't cracked a lipstick tube or broken a compact hinge when fumbling around in a purse? Hard-sided lipstick cases and small, zippered leather makeup bags are a necessity for keeping your cosmetics intact and your purse clean. If you're prone to having a dozen lipsticks littering your purse, a palette compact is the perfect storage item for you. This slim unit contains a mirror, lip brushes, and a number of wells; all you do is add a slice of each of your lipsticks to the wells and there you go: many colors, one small compact.

Your Lips And Lipstick

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Your Lips And Lipstick

Beauty Tips & Tricks : About Lips : Your Lips And Lipstick Quick Tips:
  • To stop lipstick from bleeding, use a lipliner, or apply foundation over the lips first.
  • If you have big lips, use muted colours such as purples, browns and bronzes.
  • If you have small lips, avoid dark colours.
  • Professionals prefer to use a brush for lipstick application. Brushes generally allow you to use much less lipstick.
    The colors that suit you are:
  • Light blondes can use wines, berry's and mauves. They also suit cappuccino colours.
  • Golden blondes should use corals, apricots or peachy hues.
  • Blondes with olive skin tones are best suited to warm peaches, browns or terracotta's.
  • Brunettes suit terracottas, cinnamon's and brown tinted reds.
  • Red heads can use warm terracotta colours, cinnamon's and peachy browns.
  • Make Up Tips

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    Make Up Tips

    Beauty Tips & Tricks : Make-up Tips
  • Yes, you really can prevent polish from thickening by stashing it in the fridge.
  • For an immediate dash of alertness, use a white pencil on top of shadow to draw a vertical line on the eyelid from above the pupil to the brow bone, then smudge with your finger.
  • To repair a broken lipstick, place the two ends together gently but firmly, then cap the lipstick and put it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.
  • Before curling your eyelashes, heat the curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds. Test to make sure it's not too hot, then apply to eyelashes for extra oomph.
  • If you don't like the sharpness of your eyeliner, try lining your eyes with a powder shadow in a similar shade with your eye shadow brush instead.
  • If you're feeling hungover apply an illuminator under your eyes, down your nose and on your cheeks to take your face from flat to full-of-health.
  • Don't apply concealer directly to a pimple. Dab a pimple treatment cream on first, then apply concealer.
  • If your eye pencil lead is way too hard then run it under the hair dryer or a light for a few seconds, this will make it way easier to apply to your eyes. Note: make sure that the lead isn't too hot before you apply the eyeliner, a burnt eyelid is no fun at all.
  • Use a foundation primer underneath your foundation - it fills in tiny lines for flawless looking skin.
  • Want longer lashes? Apply an eyelash primer before your first coat of mascara. Then wait one minute and apply another coat for extra length.
  • Mix some bronzer with a body lotion to give you a subtle all-over glow and a light tan. Perfect for when you show some leg in the middle of winter.
  • Choose make-up that suits your tones - pale skin suits pinks and olive skin suits golds.
  • Keep an old mascara wand, clean it and use it as an eyebrow brush.
  • Look glam when you go out by adding a few individual false lashes onto the upper outer eyelid
  • Sweep some blush from the apples of your cheeks up towards your hairline for an instant pick-me-up.
  • Use an illuminating light-catching foundation when you go out for a glam glow.
  • Enhance your mood with make-up - wear smouldering eyes if you're feeling sultry or sparkly gloss if you're feeling vivacious.
  • Replace your mascara more often than any other make-up - at least every three months. Mascara is the most prone to bacteria and can cause infection and dry out your lashes if it's too old.
  • Add subtle highlights of white eyeliner or white eyeshadow in the corner of your eyes and under the brow bone to create the illusion of more open eyes.
  • Apply concealer after foundation. Then you only use it where needed and avoid looking caked with make-up.
  • Take blotting papers in your bag when you go out at night - one quick dab will absorb shine so you'll look fabulous on the dance floor.
  • Don't wear lipgloss on windy days or you'll end up with a face full of hair.
  • Never drag mascara off your eyelashes. Hold a cotton ball or tissue soaked in remover on the eye area first. Let the removing agents start to dissolve the mascara, then gently wipe away.
  • Rather than trying to define eyes by drawing a line across the eyelids, the pros unanimously recommend using a pencil to fill in the spaces between each lash. Get your pencil as close to your lashes as possible and make a teeny dot between each one. Smudge with your finger or with a cotton swab.
  • To give your eye make-up staying power, avoid applying eye cream or moisturiser on your eyelids.
  • To ensure your eyes stay healthy and free of infection when using make-up, replace your mascara after three months, powder eye shadows every nine to 18 months, and cream eye shadows every six to 12 months. Sharpen your eyeliners often to keep them clean and bacteria-free.
  • For younger-looking eyes, apply a little eye cream on the brow bone and under the eye to reduce the look of fine lines. Also use a white eye pencil on the inner rims for larger and brighter eyes.
  • Before sharpening your eyeliner or lip pencil, put them in the freezer for 10 minutes. They will harden slightly and not break when sharpened.
  • In order to create a natural, smudgy eyeliner, line your eyes heavily with black eyeliner before you go to bed. In the morning wash your face as normal-a perfectly smudged line will remain.
  • To stop shadow clumping in eye corners, apply it to the middle of the lid then blend well.
  • For sexy eyes, use eyeliner to blacken the bottom rims, then lines along the upper lashes, concentrating on the outer corners and smudging the liner outwards to elongate the eyes. Try brushing a shimmery beige shadow all over the lids and under the lower lashes, and dab some under the arches of the eyebrows. Lastly, apply lashings of black mascara.
  • To bring deep set eyes forward blend a pale shadow over the entire lid up to the brow bone. Steer clear of dark colours and keep brows light and well plucked to lift the eye area.
  • Lip Plumping: 5 Secrets to Bigger, Poutier Lips

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    Lip Plumping: 5 Secrets to Bigger, Poutier Lips

    Beauty Tips & Tricks : About Lips
  • Full lips never seem to go out of style. Even in the eighties, when full lips were not necessarily all the rage, we saw Hollywood beauties like Kim Basinger and Kelly LeBrock as the epitome of female beauty, and guess what, they both had those enviable "pillow lips" that women pay money to achieve in a doctor's office today.
  • But what if you were not born with pouty, full lips, and you feel like you were given the short end of the stick when it comes to this particular beauty asset? Sure, you could go to a plastic surgeon and have your lips injected with any number of available fillers like collagen, hyaluronic acid, restylene, and even a newer filler that is derived from cadaver tissue (ick).
  • There is also a newer option of permanent lip augmentation, where a small implant is put into the lips. This procedure is even further from being perfected than lip injectables, and often comes out looking very unnatural. Women complain the implants also do not feel "real", and there are also complaints that the implants feel "hard", by the patients, and by their partners.
  • However, these types of lip filling procedures really haven't been perfected yet, in my opinion, and many times what women come out with are what those in the beauty industry like to call "fish lips". Basically, too much collagen or too much of many other fillers on the market today will make the upper lip curve up, and look unnatural, created a look that's more like a clown, than feminine and delicate as is it's intended purpose.
  • We can all probably think of a few Hollywood women today who have had these lip augmentation procedures done and come out looking less than enviable. Not only that, it's usually obvious when a person has had lip injections or lip augmentation surgery, and it tends to take away from the natural symmetry and beauty of a woman's face, rather than add to it, which is the obvious goal.
  • So, what are your natural options to make your lips naturally fuller, without touching them with needles or scalpels? Well, thanks to modern day lip plumping technology, as well a few good old fashioned (and free) techniques, you can achieve fuller lips for little cost, and end up with something that looks natural, and fits your face much better. I've listed these techniques and tips below.

    1) First of all, a great lip plumper is a must. I would not recommend those lip plumpers which contain harsh, drying ingredients like cinnamon, as my experience with these has only been temporary fullness, with dryness that inevitably follows. Hydration is key to keeping plump lips, so drying them out only defeats the purpose.
    2) Drink lots of water to keep the skin and lips well hydrated. This keeps you internally hydrated. Ever notice how when you're dehydrated (thirsty), your lips tend to "shrivel"?
    3) When applying your lip plumper, open your mouth as wide as you possibly can. This allows the plumping agents to get deep in the crevices and cracks and helps to fill out the lip tissue even more.
    I especially like to use this technique at night when I apply a generous layers of lip plumping conditioner, so that I wake up with plumper lips. If you want, you can even use your hands to "stretch" your lips out wider, so you can get deeper penetration.
    4) Lip pumps are available, but these are kind of an awkward device, although they do produce dramatic lip plumping for up to a few hours after use. Word to the wise on lip pumps : Do not get overzealous with them, as you will most assuredly end up with bruised lips or blood blisters.
    5) Start out very slow with these if you choose to use one. The way they work is they draw fluid into the lips by actually forcing it into this localized area through a suction mechanism. Rumor has it, these nifty little devices are used on some photoshoots on models to create an instantly plumper pout.
  • Makeup tips for Eyes

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    Makeup tips for Eyes

    Beauty Tips & Tricks : Makeup tips for Eyes Your eyes can be made to look attractive by following our eye makeup tips and eye beauty secrets which can enhance your charm further. The first step towards eye beauty is to have well-shaped brows. Keep your eye brows in shape by plucking out stray hairs. The only way to tame an out of balance and an uneven brow line is to tweeze or thread the unruly hair. Removing eyebrows by tweezing or threading is the best known method. Take the sting out of the operation by dabbing the eyebrows with a piece of cotton wool dipped either in eau-de-cologne or astringent lotion. Then, take your tweezers and holding the surrounding skin taut grip the hair close to the roots and give a sharp tug in the direction the hair grow.
  • Always pluck the hairs from underneath the natural brow line and never from above. Hairs over the bridge of the nose are never a pretty sight; therefore always pluck them out from between the eyes. Remember that the most beautiful eyes are so spaced so that in the distance between them another eye can be placed. To prevent the skin from bulging after plucking wrap ices cubes in a piece of cloth and gently massage the area. Plucking should be done every alternative day for a consistent well groomed look. However if the hair are too small to come in the grip of the tweezers, camouflage the green color by applying a little foundation over the area and blending it well into the skin. Bleaching also helps in camouflaging the skin defects.
  • An eyebrow pencil is necessary to fill in the sparse areas. Darken the color of the eyebrows if too light and to recreate missing eyebrows. The general color rule for eyebrow pencil is black, as black brows predominate among women. Sharpen the pencil by making a flat chisel-shaped point. Begin reshaping at the nose end of the brow, to a point beyond the outer corner of the eye. Make every effort to follow the original curve of the brow and never extend the brow too far beyond the outer corner of the eye. The eyebrows should be refashioned by a series of fine lines but never drawn in a solid line. The pencil must be used to tint the actual hair of the brow and not the flesh in between. A well-shaped dark brow on the other hand, may require no penciling, whatsoever just a net brushing with little cold cream or Vaseline.

  • EYE SHADOW: Another tool in eye makeup is an eye shadow which gives an enchanting touch of depth and mystery to the eyes. It is often more dramatic and effective when it harmonises with the color of your dress. For day, choose a subtle light shade and for evenings when artificial lights soften and tend to drain color from the face wear heavier shades. Before applying eye shadow, use foundation over the eyelids because it makes a good base for the eye shadow. Eye shadow should be only blended in the upper eyelids. Close one eye and place a small amount of color close to and almost touching the upper eyelashes from inner to outer corner of the eyes. It should then be blended with your index finger or brushed upwards into a fade away effect below the eyebrows. It should be darkest near the lid. Two shades can also be used - one next nearest to the lashes should be of a deeper shade then the one used on the rest of the lid. It is a beauty secret of models to use a deeper shade close to the lashes to give the eyes extra glamour.
  • EYE LINER: Most important tool in eye makeup is an eyeliner. A soft line drawn next to the upper "Iashline" with the eyeliner is a makeup tip that makes the eyes look larger and brighter. Liquid eye?liner applied with a fine brush produces wonderful results. To line upper eyelid, after the eye shadow is blended to a correct position, dip the brush in color, hold outer corner of the eyelid taut and draw a fine line as close to the lashes as possible, beginning at the inner corner of the eye and finishing just at the outer with a slight upward turn. To line the lower lid, with the index finger, hold lower lid down and away from the eye and draw a faint line starting at the inner corner of the eye at a point corresponding with the upper line and continue along the lower eyelid to just beyond the outer corner slanting slightly upwards as before. Blend the lower line carefully; making sure no flesh is visible between the line and the lashes.

    Mascara - How to Apply:
  • Applying Mascara is a must for the starry eyed look because it makes the lashes appear longer and thicker. First brush the lashes downwards over upper eyelids. Mascara goes on better under a fan. The lashes do not gum together due to air. Apply mascara with a clean brush. Choose either automatic roll-on or liquid mascara. Use the one you find easiest.
  • Cover the brush with a light coating of mascara and stroke it on the lashes working from the base to the tip. The lower lashes should be just tinted with color. If your mascara smudges the while applying it on the lower lashes, slip a piece of paper underneath before you paint them. When the first coat is dry, apply a second one. Finally, go over the lashes with a dry brush to separate them and to remove excessive mascara. Use a cotton bud dipped in hot water to remove any smudges left by the mascara.
  • If mascara applied properly, the lashes should be a series of individual hair, not one solid mass. For day time, only one coat of mascara should be used and for the night two. For the stunning glamour girl look after the mascara is completely dry take a little gold or silver eye shadow on the fingertip and stroke the ends of the upper lashes from below. It is very effective for the late night parties.
  • If your eyelashes are thin or spare you can try false eyelashes. First, put on eyeliner and mascara on your own lashes to curve them, and then remove eyelashes from their case. If they are too wide for your eyes trim them at outer ends. Then pierce the neck-of adhesive tube with the pin provided. Holding lash firmly at centre point with tweezers, apply thin line of lash adhesive along the root strip of the lashes.
  • Looking down into the mirror, apply the mascara lash as closely as possible to natural lash line and centrally on the eyelid. Loosen grip with tweezers and use tweezers to place inner and outer corner of lash in position. Draw a thin eyeline over base of lashes with eyeliner to hide lash base.
  • To remove false lashes simply peel lash base from eyelids starting from the inner end. Women who wear glasses can also make the most of eye makeup. Rather then mask out the eyes glasses draw attention to them so you can do with a minimum use of eye makeup. Use eye shadow because it flatters the eyes behind the lens and helps absorb the glare.
  • Apply an exotic shade of mascara in the evenings to give your eyes an extra impact. Use mascara in moderation on the upper lid, but there should be just a suspicion of it on the lower lid.

    Eyebrow Care Beauty Tips
  • Well groomed Eyebrows add definition to your face can enhance your beauty, learn how to do it through our beauty tips.
  • By plucking eyebrows before sleeping redness disappears overnight. In shaping your eyebrows use your facial features.
  • Use a pair of tilt edged tweezers which can grip hair easily. Comb hairs one way and then the other to remove loose hairs.
  • Pluck hairs between the brows and any stragglers. Never remove the hairs from above of your eyebrows.
  • Pluck each hair individually close to the root. Work in the direction of the growth.
  • Avoid over plucking always. In defining your eyebrows choose a shade similar to your natural hair color.
  • When using a pencil you should apply in small feathered strokes. Starting at the inner corner to work outwards. Blend the color with a brush. To tame stray hairs just use hair gel and comb through to neaten.
  • Brow Color : Brows should be a bit lighter than color of your hair. About two shades, if you are blond or gray, the opposite is best.
  • Tweeze Your Brows : Which Tweeze?
    - Tweezers with thin Tip: Good for grasping small, fine hairs, and plucking ingrown hair.
    - Tweezers with Slanted Tip: Gives maximum control.
    - Tweezers with Square Tip: Best used for removing coarse hairs or several hairs at a time

    Eyeshadow Makeup Tips
    Caring For Your Delicate Eye Area: The eye area is the area to show the signs of ageing for many people and is also a problem area for fluid retention.
    Here are few tips on caring for the delicate eye area:
  • Certain moisturizers that swell up are not be applied.
  • Separate eye creams/gels are a must if you suffer with puffy or ageing eyes.
  • Hold a metal spoon under cold running water for a few minutes and then gently press it onto the eye area to soothe, cool and reduce swelling.
  • Cucumber slices are good one for reducing puffiness and soothing tired, sore eyes.
  • Hemorrhoid creams containing sharks liver oil or yeast applied to the puffy area, they're good are for reducing swelling.
  • Soak used tea bags in cold water for around ten minutes (making sure they are really cool) and place them on the puffy area. Start at the outside of the eye and roll them gently inwards.
  • Elevate your head when you sleep to encourage fluid to drain away from the eye area.
  • Place a slice of raw potato underneath your eyes. The potassium in them counteracts dark circles.
  • Diet, again! Avoid salty food which can cause fluid retention

    Eye shadow That Stays Beauty Tip
    Many women have problem of melting eye shadow, but If you use a damp eye shadow brush and apply a layer of face powder to your lids and allow to set, the shadow will stay in place for the day. Takes some time but the effort is well worth it.
    Remedies For Puffy Eyes
  • Take a metal spoon and run it under cold water. Place the spoon on the puffy area for at least 60 seconds.
  • Apply hemorrhoid cream (prefer brands that contain ingredients of yeast and shark's liver oil) to the puffy area. Its known for years that in just the way it gets the swelling out of that other area, it works the same way for the face.
  • Thin cucumber slices used as compresses over closed eyes will relieve sore, puffy eyes.
  • A black tea bag soaked in cold water on each eye for ten minutes will reduce swelling caused by fluid retention. Gently press from inner to outer corners to hasten drainage.
  • Avoid salty foods, which cause the under eye area (and the rest of your body) to hold fluid.
  • Elevate your head when you sleep, to keep fluid from settling around your eyes

    Lining Eyes
  • Steady hands and the near precision of a neurosurgeon is required to put on eyeliner. Dust a sheer, loose powder on the upper and lower lids so the eyeliner sticks better. If you are going to curl your lashes, do it now else you may smudge the line. Choose the right formula. For a clean straight line, use a liquid version try one with felt tip, like those from L'Oreal. Pencils are best to create a softer, more subtle line.
  • To minimize shaking of your hands, rest your elbow on a hard surface. Start in the middle of the eyelid, and drag the liner to the inner corner of the eye, drawing as close to the lashes as possible. Go back to the center of the eyelid and repeat the process outward.
  • To make your eyes look smoky, dab eye shadow (in a similar shade) over the line and lightly fan it out. This will also help the liner stay in place.
  • If the liner smudges, don't reapply more. Instead, clean up the line with a dampened Q-tip.
  • Lipstick - How to Apply

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    Lipstick - How to Apply

    Beauty Tips & Tricks : About Lips : Lipstick - How to Apply
  • To apply lipstick properly for the mouth to appear beautiful, you must learn to use the lip brush effectively. You cannot shape the mouth without it. The color of your lipstick should complement your complexion and harmonize with the color of your clothes. Brown, yellow and emerald green colors look nice with a red lipstick. Pastel color look becoming with soft shades like pink, whereas whites and blacks call for bright and dashing colors like different shades of orange.
  • Every fashion conscious woman should keep at least 3 shades which could go with all her dresses. You can also mix and match them to go with every color scheme. Extremely dark shades adds years to the face therefore never, never invest in a very dark shade. A medium shade makes the face appear young and attractive.
  • Apply pastel shades of lipstick in the mornings and for the evenings use deeper shades to minimise the effects of electric lights. Before applying lipstick, apply foundation cream to your lips because this makes a good base for your lipstick and at the same time it blots out the natural lipline so that you can outline a prettier shape with your brush. Fill the brush with plenty of color. Steady the hand by placing the elbow on a firm surface. Fashion the upper lips first with the lips slightly apart. Start from the outer corner following the natural curve of the lip and work towards the centre. Let the tip of the brush draw the line on the upper lip. Use the side of the brush on the lower lip, working at one half of the lip at a time.
  • When the outline is clearly established, fill it generously with color. Give them a dewy look with a touch of cold cream or Vaseline. Lipstick can be effectively used as a bindi also. If you have a wide forehead then use a big round bindi but on a small forehead use a very tiny bindi.
  • A big bindi will dwarf the size of your forehead. You can also make different designed bindis on your forehead with the help of the lipstick brush. Besides the same colored bindi as the lipstick will make your face look very elegant, smart and attractive. You can also change the shape of your lips with the help of the lipstick.
  • Thick lips: They can be made to look thinner by painting them within the natural lipline and covering the remaining area with foundation cream.
  • Thin lips: If the lips are too thin, the upper lips can be extended a little above the natural lipline, but care must be taken to see that the extended portion follows the natural curve of the lips, The lower lip should be full and well-shaped by extending the lipline a little below the natural lipline of the lower lip,
  • Small mouth: Extend the corners of both the lips.
  • Drooping lips: To perfect drooping lips, straighten curves with fuller lines to the corners.
  • Dry lips: Apply a little colorless lip salve or cold cream or Vaseline before applying lipstick. These will help to soften and brighten the lips.
  • Top lip too thin: Add fullness by drawing a new line outside the top lip, making it the same depth as lower lip.
  • Top lip protrudes over narrow lower lip: Emphasise the lower lip. Widen and lengthen it slightly, fill in the drooping curves of top lip, then fill in the shape.
  • Chapped lips: Before applying lipstick use a soft piece of towelling material for removing rough bits of chapped skin, and then rub a little cold cream or Vaseline on them before applying lipstick. Always use' a lip-gloss on chapped and dry lips to keep hem soft.
  • Makeup tips for plus size women

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    Makeup tips for plus size women

    Makeup tips for plus size womenThis article discusses dos and don'ts for plus size women wanting a great look from their makeup
    Makeup is the all-consuming topic for many women. Men run it a close second, but most women enjoy discussing makeup, various formulas they've found, what works, and most important, what doesn't work. Women of all shapes and sizes are vitally concerned with finding good tips that will enable them to look their best. Plus size women are no exception. They may also have unique issues that mean their makeup application is even more critical.
    It is probably a good idea to start out with a few no-nos for makeup on plus size women. Garish colors are out for any woman, but particularly plus size women. Anything that looks bad on an average size woman will be magnified on a plus size woman. Stark blush that attempts to create a hollowed-cheek look is also a bad, bad idea. It just draws attention to the fuller part of the face. Women should always strive for foundation that matches their skin, but this is crucial for plus size women. A telltale line at the jaw that is a dramatically different color from the skin on the neck makes the woman look as though she is wearing a mask.

    Makeup for plus size women should do what all makeup attempts to do: accentuate the positive and camouflage the negative. With this axiom in mind, a plus size woman can put together a great look.
    Since most plus size women have rounded faces, this is usually a good place to start when thinking about makeup. To re-emphasize the point, a plus size woman should choose a foundation that matches her skin as closely as possible. She should also think about a more matte finish, rather than a dewey one.
  • Not paste-like, but more matte. This is because a plus size woman's rounded cheeks tend to catch the light, and she will look as though she is perspiring or has oily skin if she goes with a more dewey finish. This is unattractive and tends to negatively emphasize the roundness of the face.
    Blush should compliment her skin and hair. It should also never be applied so that it looks artificial. Regardless of what the fashion magazines say, a darker blush below the "apples" in the cheeks does not create a slimmer face. It looks like dark blush applied in the wrong place. Take it from a woman who has tried that trick. It doesn't work. Blush should be applied to the apples of the cheeks. Smile and apply the blush to the fullest part of the cheeks.
  • Many plus size women want to play up their eyes and this is rarely a bad idea. However, stark colors are again, not advisable. Neither is the very heavy application of eyeshadow and liner. The trick is to emphasize the eyes, to draw the attention to them, not to imitate a raccoon. Eyeshadow should be in a color that compliments the woman's outfit. A lighter eyeshadow should go right under the brow line. This will also tend to emphasize the eye area attractively.
  • Eyeliner can be applied to the upper and lower lids, but be careful. Don't apply it all the way across the eye. Start in the middle and go to the outer corner of the eye. This will open the eye up and emphasize their color. Brown-black, charcoal brown and smoky blue are appropriate colors for almost any eye or hair color. A woman can also go just a little way beyond the outside of the eye on the lower lid, to create a slightly exotic look. If the woman can actually tell that's what she has done, though, she has brought the line out too far. It should be barely visible, but it will create a great look.
  • Lipstick pulls together a woman's whole look, regardless of size. She should think about a color that looks good, depending on the occasion. She should also be cautious of very trendy colors, such as lilac or other "fashion" colors. One example occurring to this author is of a plus size woman who wore a bluish-lilac lipstick over a neutral lipliner. The result was corpselike lips--unattractive in the extreme. Lips that are too neutral are also unattractive. They give a woman a plain, mousy appearance. A plus size woman should want color in her lips, since they will also draw the eye away from the roundness of her face. Every woman, plus size or not, should also have a great red lipstick in her makeup case. Red lipstick is the one essential cosmetic every woman should own.
    Perhaps the most important makeup tip for a plus size woman is to cast out fear. She should never be afraid of having smoky eyes and sultry lips. She should not be afraid of being sexy. If her makeup is sexy, she will feel better about herself, and this will show up in her behavior. She will be sexier to those around her. And what, after all, is makeup about, if not to make us look and feel better about ourselves?