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Library Lounge Furniture Buying Guide

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Library Lounge Furniture Buying Guide

Helpful Tips for Selecting Essential Library Furnishings
The libraries of today are no longer simply familiar repositories for books. Libraries now provide an increasing range of different services, using a multitude of media, and reach a more diverse audience than ever before. The library is a place for studying, work, research, and often times leisure and relaxation. Looking beyond the bookshelves, there are a wide variety of essential furnishings that libraries require to provide the amenities that patrons count on.
From study carrels to lounge seating, tables to coat racks, and even appropriate lighting, all of these things are considerations to remember when furnishing an new library, or refurnishing an existing library. At CSN Library Furniture, we have picked out vital furnishings from a range of quality manufacturers and brought them to you at quality prices.

Study Carrels
We understand that focusing on work can be a challenge for students of all ages. A study carrel can be a great solution to this problem, both in the library and the classroom. With our large selection styles and finishes, you are sure to find a study carrel which perfectly fits your needs.
  • Free Standing study carrels offer the function of desks with added privacy. Perfect for creating study spaces and research areas in a library setting, free standing study carrels are a popular choice for libraries.
  • Table Top study carrels are a great way to transform existing desk spaces into a private study area. Because of their moveable features, they are a versatile solution for many libraries.
  • Foldable study carrels are also a great way to transform existing table top spaces into private study areas. The foldable nature of these study carrels is a great solution for libraries with limited space. Easy to move and store, these study carrels are also a popular choice.
  • Tack board study carrels come in both free standing and table top styles, but offer the additional function of a cork board or bulletin board surface. A great study tool, or research planning tool, tack boards can help organize ideas and thoughts of all types of students and library-users.
  • Multi-Sectional study carrels also come in free standing and table top styles. Another great space saver, these carrels offer multiple sections in one unit for individual study areas.

    Lounge Furnishings
  • The library is more than just a place for reference. An ideal place for study hours, leisure reading and some peace and quiet, the library requires amenities such as lounge seating, reception tables and comfortable reading areas. You can find all of these library lounge furnishings and more on CSN Library Furniture!
  • Seating is an integral component of a functioning library, and for this we offer a wide variety of reception chairs for lounge areas to meet your library's needs. In a variety of styles, from professional to functional, and an array of finishes and fabric combinations there are reception area chairs or benches that will fit your space, needs and budget.
  • Tables are another important library furnishing to consider. Side tables in lounge areas, activity tables, and general table space will make your library a more functional and comfortable place for patrons to relax, study, or work.

    Coat Racks: Creating a comfortable environment for patrons to participate in leisure reading, study hours, or research, there are some amenities that can often be overlooked. Coat racks are a great addition to your library, evoking an organized atmosphere and making the library a deinstitutionalized, comfortable, familiar place. CSN Library Furniture offers a variety of coat stands, coat racks, and coat hooks that will match your library style and budget!
    Lighting: Lighting is an extremely important factor in creating an ideal library environment. Patrons of your library come to read, study, use computers or media systems. All of these activities can cause eye strain if the library is not properly lit. Consider over head or recessed lighting for general lighting. Also remember that task lighting is an essential component of your library lighting scheme. Place banker lamps and desk lamps on tables and desks for added light, and keep accent lighting available in reception and lounge areas.
    Children's Furniture: Don't forget some of the library's biggest (or smallest!) fans. Many libraries have special sections, rooms, or even whole floors devoted to children's literature, so make sure that ample attention is also devoted to children friendly furnishings. Consider kid-sized seating and tables, activity furniture, play furniture, easels and bookstands for your children's library. The appropriate scale, durability and accessibility of children's furniture will make kids feel welcome and help foster their interest in learning and reading.

    Waste Receptacles: Keep your library a clean, well function environment. Appropriate waste receptacles for trash and recycling are an essential but often over looked component of any efficient public space, libraries including. Also consider appropriate outdoor waste receptacles and urns or ashtrays for smokers to keep things looking orderly on the exterior of the library as well.
    Taking the time to consider all of the amenities that patrons require, from trash cans to couches, lighting to coat racks, children's furniture and more, will make your library a more functional and comfortable environment for all to enjoy.
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